Mar 31, 2008

Review: KFC Toasted Wrap

Enticed by commercials, I decided to try a KFC Toasted Wrap for $1.29.

The KFC Toasted Wrap comes in a partially see-through bag which was not perforated, which resulted in a slighty steamed toasted wrap from the short drive home.

Besides the grill marks, the toasting really didn't add anything to the wrap (the steaming in the little baggy might have had some effect on this) which contained a crunchy chicken strip, lettuce, shredded cheese, and a pepper mayo sauce.
After all the hubbub in the commercials about toasting, I honestly think it tastes just like a regular wrap but maybe it's different if you eat it right there and then. I let the sister have a bite and she said she likes the McDonald's wrap better but I think they taste pretty much the same.

We also found out about their secret biscuit menu! Okay, not really... maybe... The menu only listed one biscuit for $0.89, four for $3.19, or a dozen for $6.99 without an option for 6 biscuits.

We thought that four biscuits were too little (I really like KFC's biscuits especially with honey (well, honey sauce) and butter (well, margarine...) and twelve biscuits were too much (they don't taste so great one or two days later), so we asked for a half dozen (Goldilocks!) and they only charged us $1.99! I wonder if we confused them by asking for six and they rung it up wrong...

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