Jun 27, 2008

Review: Baja Fresh - Grilled Chicken Cabo Cobb Burrito

I prefer Baja Fresh over the other fast casual Mexican chain dining establishments (i.e. Qdoba, Chipotle, etc.). At the particular location that I went to, they were kind enough to give me free tortilla chips while I waited for my order -- plus the burritos all come with some chips.

For $5.95, I tried one of Baja Fresh's featured Grilled Salad Burritos: the Grilled Chicken Cabo Cobb Burrito (the other is the Grilled Chicken Caesar Burrito). The Grill Chicken Cabo Cobb Burrito features grilled marinated chicken, Jack & cheddar cheese, romaine lettuce, chopped tomatoes, ranch dressing, Cotija cheese, black beans and avocado.
I thought it was very tasty. I liked the way the burrito was grilled; it gives the tortilla a bit of a flakiness and crispness. Since it's essentially a salad in a burrito, it's lighter than most of Baja Fresh's other burritos like the Ultimo. I could taste the separate distinct ingredients and they went well together. I would definitely eat this one again.

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  1. That is cool! I like this burrito too. And I got free tortilla chips too. It looks yours is more appetizing as there is more chicken...

    Great photos, and I enjoyed your Ikea post too!

  2. Chipotle burritos are so much bigger though. more bang for your buck.

  3. WSL: Thanks! I think they measure out the chicken so it should be the same.

    Tania: That just means you get fatter faster! Chipotle burritos are shorter! Half of a Baja Fresh Burrito is enough for me.

  4. Chipotle Chicken Tacos are really good in my opinion. The right balance of flavors!

    Where I am from, Baja Fresh Burritos are about the same size as Chipotle. And I think you know they have a promo going on right now...right?

  5. I don't... what promo?! All I know is there buy a big drink and get lifetime refills for 99 cents...


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