Jun 12, 2008

News: Free Hot Dog on a Stick Day Tomorrow - June 13, 2008

From 5pm to 8pm, tomorrow, Friday, June 13, 2008, you can stop by any Hot Dog on a Stick to celebrate Free Hot Dog on a Stick day and get a free hot dog on a stick (aka a corn dog but made fresh; one per person).

If you happen to be escaping the summer heat at your local mall, you might as well drop by the food court and get your free grub on.

Free Hot Dog on a Stick Day
Friday, June 13, 2008, 5pm to 8pm
Locations (mouse over "HDOS" for locations)


  1. So I actually happened to be at the mall today at 6pm and stopped by Hot Dog on a Stick. They didn't advertise the free Hot Dog on a Stick at all so I sent my friend to ask =P Apparently, at least at this particular Hot Dog on a Stick, I guess partially because people didn't know they were giving it away for free, you could get as many as was a "reasonable" amount. My friend took this to mean 2 per person (6 total) and she milked five more to go after we ate O_o

  2. WOW!!! I LOVE CORN DOGS! wish i was there.


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