Jun 10, 2008

News: Pizza Hut Offering $4 Pizza Mias to New Online Customers on June 12, 2008

In a move to garner more online customers, on Thursday, June 12, 2008, Pizza Hut is offering first-time users of its online ordering, its Pizza Mia deal where they can buy three or more one-topping 12" Pizza Mias for $4 each, rather than the usual $5.

The Pizza Mia is Pizza Hut's value pizza which "they tout as being made with whole milk mozzarella cheese, sauce made from sweet vine-ripened tomatoes, and dough made from Great Plains flour." I'm assuming the ingredients used in making them costs less than Pizza Hut's regular pizzas.

Pizza Hut rival, Domino's, offers a similar value deal with its 444 Deal where it offers its one-topping small 10" pizzas for $4 when you buy at least three.

Little Caesars also offers a similar value with its HOT-N-READY large 14" pepperoni or cheese pizzas for $5 (no minimum purchase) for pick-up only. It's very much an impulse buy since you don't have to order ahead and wait.

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