Jun 11, 2008

Review: Nubi's Yogurt - Frozen Yogurt

Offering portion control, if you have any self-control, Nubi Yogurt, in the heart of froyo central (southern California), offers frozen yogurt in 14 different flavors that you pull and top yourself for 38 cents an ounce.

Since Nubi offer free samples, I've pretty much tried all of their flavors. The flavors are mostly non-fat with a couple of low fat ones. The fruit flavors are expectedly sweet and tart whereas the non-fruit are just sweet (I only say this because my friend mentioned trying coffee flavor at a Pinkberry and said it was tart!). Most of the flavors tend to be more than a little on the sweet side for me and in the end, I liked and opted to go with original "plain tart," which I like to think of as "the blank canvas."

For toppings, I mostly went healthy with strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries, but splurged a bit on mochi and cheesecake(!). I put cheesecake on at the recommendation of my friend and it goes really well with "plain tart."

Anyway, I'm far from being a yogurt connoisseur; I tend to go for original since, at least to me, original tastes equally good anywhere you get it... But I like the choice available at Nubi Yogurt, where you can get as much or as little of everything as you want.

If you live in the San Gabriel-ish area, chances are you can locate a 20% off coupon in your local ad flyer. Nubi Yogurt also has locations open in Redlands, CA and Apple Valley, CA. Another location is slated to open in Millbrae, CA.

Nubi Yogurt
Focus Plaza
140 W. Valley Blvd, Suite 118G
San Gabriel, CA 91776
Phone (626) 573-9988
Sun-Thurs 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Fri-Sat 11:00 am - 12:00 am


  1. yogurt tastes all the same to me.

    mochi is the only topping i usually put on my yogurt.

    last time i put kiwi...oh man those were super sour!

    those live cultures really get to me.

    i still think this is another expensive yogurt join even with the 20% coupon. i paid a little under $5.

  2. Really? Did you fill the cup to the brim or something? It usually costs me around $3. Try the cheesecake!

  3. Q,
    I tried this recently and it was great! Like you said, the original was good!


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