Dec 28, 2009

Review: El Pollo Loco - Crunchy Chicken Taco

El Pollo Loco's Crunchy Chicken Taco provides a bit of a change from the typical fast food taco in that it has shredded flame-broiled chicken inside (I suppose it is makes sense, El Pollo Loco being a chicken joint and all).  It's good but it's also more expensive at around $1.50 while still being the same size.  Beyond that, it's the same standard cheese and shredded lettuce.  The shell is freshly fried in Carl's Jr./Green Burrito fashion.

For the price the price though, I think most times, I would just eat their 99 cent Taco Al Carbon which is a chicken taco of the street taco variety (in a corn torilla with onions and cilantro).

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  1. Your entry encouraged me to try this taco. I was happy with the crispiness of the shell and the overall texture, I think, was much better than any other fast food taco. However, my only complaint is that the taste was on the bland side (and also the price! I think the location I went to charged $1.79!). If they seasoned the chicken more, I'd be very happy.


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