Dec 15, 2009

News: New Coca-Cola Mini Out This Month?

Coke is coming out with a small denomination of its normal can. The slimmer, smaller cans will be 7.5 ounces and 90 calories (compared to 12 ounces and 140 calories). I think they have (had?) a squat, fat can that was (is?) about 3/5th the height of their normal can (but same diameter) that was 100 calories. But I always though that a slimmer, smaller can would be better marketing and here it is! They already have smaller, slimmer cans in Japan though for roughly 50 cents a pop. But they also have smaller fridges in Japan and smaller houses and... well, you get the idea.

Unfortunately the squat, fat can was also more expensive than a similar number of regular cans which is weird. Hopefully, the slimmer cans will be cheaper for added value and general sensibility.

The Coke mini cans should also be good for people who like Coke but find the regular can to be more than they want to drink. My cousin and one of my friends normally just drink half a can and usually just dump the rest(!) so these cans should be good for them. I prefer a smaller size as well. I'd buy them if they were cheaper or even the same price as regular Coke.

Coca-Cola is also planning on rolling out mini cans of Cherry Coke, Sprite, Orange Fanta, and Barq's Root Beer sometime next year in 2010.

Update 1/13/10: I saw these at Target recently.  They were sold in an 8-pack for $3.99.  Target also had the squat, fat cans as well.


  1. don't they already have mini cans in stores? i've seen them come in like 6 or 8 packs

  2. Really? I haven't seen any yet. How much do they cost?

  3. yep, check your grocery store next time, i know my local safeway has them. here is a picture that i found from google of vanilla coke in that size, i guess they are 8 fl oz

  4. Those aren't the same. Those are the fat, squat ones I was talking about at 100 calories. The new ones are skinnier!


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