Dec 15, 2009

Review: Green Burrito's Nachos

The Nachos at Green Burrito are pretty standard. They're good not great. You get a little bit of everything for roughly $6. It's a bigger size than Taco's largest nachos but it costs more as well.
It could use a bit more cheese though. You do get a fair amount of taco meat. Some refried beans, relatively fresh salsa, sour cream, a bit of guacamole, and in-house fried tortilla chips (as opposed to store bought). A bit on the hefty side for one, but great to share.

I wouldn't go out of the way to get it but if I was in the neighborhood and felt like eating some nachos, I might pick it up.


  1. Looks good! Have you tried Baja Fresh's nachos yet? I thought they were okay but these look more flavorful in my opinion. Baja fresh did melt the cheese in the broiler which was nice instead of nacho cheese dip instead.

  2. Haha! But I like nacho cheese! Especially when it has a bit of a kick to it.


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