Dec 16, 2009

Review: Domino's - Pepperoni Pizza with Extra Cheese

Why is a pizza "carry out" and not "take out" like everything else? Maybe it's supposed to be so heavy that you can't just "take" it out and you have to "carry" it?!

Anyway, Domino's Pizza is currently running a promotion where you can get a Large 1-Topping Piza with extra cheese for $5.99 carryout. I don't usually eat from pizza chains (I prefer local independent pizzerias usually) but it was cheap and I figured, "Hey, why not?"
The problem with pizzas is that since they come in pies, people tend to overeat to finish the pie. It's a psychological thing. You really shouldn't ever eat more than one or two slices at most.

But I digress as I tend to do. I ordered online because they have this nifty little meter that tells you how close your pizza is to being done. Domino's is a short walk from my home so after a brief little jaunt I came back with a large pepperoni (mmm... pepperoni... nitrates! but tasty!) pie.

It was fine (and cheap!). I ate it for lunch, dinner, and breakfast the next day (one slice each!). I didn't eat it all in case you're wondering; my family had some too. It is a typical chain pizza, no surprises. Maybe it could have used more pepperoni. I think they use a lower fat mozzarella as I didn't see the pools of grease that a lot of pizzas have despite there being extra cheese on it. The crust was soft and bready with a bit of crispness but mostly soft. The sauce was a bit sweet, a bit tangy and used sparingly. But yes, it was fine. I don't think I'd ever crave it but when you feel like pizza generally (as opposed to specifically!), it'll satisfy.


  1. so its like a typical dominos but with extra cheese?

  2. Domino's Rocks! Best of the chains.

  3. only eat 2 slices.... hahah fag.


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