Dec 17, 2009

Review: Jack in the Box - Bonus Jack

I got Jack In the Box's faux Big Mac, the Bonus Jack, because they were running a special: the $3.99 Bonus Jack Combo. Worse burger EVER.  This is probably the worst fast food item I have ever plopped into my mouth. I could not even stand to finish the thing.

So what was wrong with it.  The whole thing was kinda mushy. The secret sauce was a bright (almost neon) orange... I guess it's a thousand island but less creamy and more sweet. There was no distinct meat flavor or texture plus the smallish patties were completely overwhelmed by an abundance of squishy bun.  In short, the balance was all out of whack.

Do not eat the Bonus Jack if you love your tongue at all!  Dead last by a long shot in the Big Mac pantheon (go for the original or the Big Carl instead!).  This one's an emphatic "do not recommend!"


  1. where are the stuff! that's a really thick piece of bread in the middle...its like thicker than the patties haha

  2. The burger is awful
    tasted worse the the already crappy big mac

    For awhile my local JAck in the Box still allowed me to order the really big chicken sandwich combo but then they stopped

    Chicken Sandwich Comb > Bonus JAck

    I only came to Jack for the chicke sandwich, they tasted better than Mc Donalds & Wendys
    The Bonus JAck sucks..

  3. Way better than their other burgers ass man! And way better than any other fast food at that!


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