Dec 9, 2009

Review: Boston Market - $1 Real Chicken Meal

A while ago I wrote about how Boston Market was offering a sweet coupon for a $1 Real Chicken Meal. After an failed attempt at using the coupon (they ran out of chicken!), I was able to take advantage of this most excellent deal. As you can see, the meal comes with a piece of corn bread, mashed potatoes (but you can ask for a substitute and I asked the dill potatoes.), and 3 pieces of dark meat chicken or a quarter of white meat (I picked dark meat; it has more flavor!).

Normally such a plate would run you about six dollars at Boston Market which makes it quite the bounty for a buck.

So how was it? The chicken was a wee bit too salty but otherwise had good flavoring and was nice and juicy (because it's dark meat duh.). The dill potatoes are my go-to side: red potatoes seasoned with olive oil and dill, simple and tasty. The corn bread was a bit hit or miss sometimes it has a nice bit of crust to it, sometimes it's kinda squishy. This time it was soft like sandwich bread which is not what I want in my corn bread. Fortunately, I simply popped it in my toaster oven until it was nice and toasty. Mmmmmmm...

Plus it was all for a buck!


  1. wow really nice for only $1!

  2. Now, only if my school offered this! Even if it was 4.50 I would still pick it over my school lunch.

    Never have been to Boston Market so have never seen the food they serve in person. Thanks for giving a real look of their food.

  3. I think UCLA food might kind of look like that O_o


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