Jun 2, 2018

Olive Garden Introduces New "Lasagna Mia" Create-Your-Own-Lasagna Special

Olive Garden lets you create your own lasagna with the introduction of the new Lasagna Mia special with prices starting at $12.99.

The way it works is you start with Olive Garden's new four cheese lasagna and choose your own sauce and toppings.

Sauce choices include:
- Traditional Marinara
- Five Cheese Marinara
- Traditional Meat Sauce
- Alfredo

For toppings you can choose     

- Garden Veggies
- Cheese Ravioli
- Mini Meatballs (costs extra)
- Grilled Chicken (costs extra)
- Crispy Chicken Fritta (costs extra)
- Sauteed Shrimp (costs extra)

The Italian casual dining chain also has a new dessert: the Cannoli Trio. It features three chocolate-coated cannoli. One cannoli is filled with chocolate cream, one with strawberry cream, and the last with traditional cannoli cream.

Photos via Olive Garden.

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