Jun 24, 2018

Subway France Giving Away a Free Sub Card That is Actually About a Foot Long

Subway France is running an interesting promotion where fans can win a 30-centimeter-long card good for free food at Subway for a year. 30 centimeters is the French equivalent of a Footlong sub here in the US, so it's basically a foot-long card that can net you a year's worth of Footlong subs.

They're calling the somewhat inconvenient card, the "Sub Gold 30." From the look of it, it contains a chip that you can insert into a card reader much like a credit or debit card.

Here's the ad for the promotion:

The conept seems to be even though the card's size in inconvenient (and you can't eat it), it's worth it because of the free food.

Photo via Subway France.