Jun 18, 2018

Review: Costco - Cheeseburger

Costco's Cheeseburger is something they've been working in at least a few locations here in Southern California since last July. A new Costco recently opened nearby and offers the burger so I went to try it.

The burger at the new location I went to is slightly different from the burger from last summer. It is listed on the menu signboard as "made with organic ingredients." The cheeseburger spotted last summer only included organic beef. Additionally, this new burger is made with two 3-oz organic beef patties rather than one 6-oz patty, does not include tomato but includes a different cheese and comes with shredded iceberg lettuce rather than leaf lettuce.

The price for the burger remains the same at $4.99 and it still comes with special sauce and on a brioche-like bun.

The cheeseburger was big. I'd save about as wide as a Whopper and slightly taller to boot. The beef was moist but lacking in flavor other than salt. It was surprisingly weak in the beef flavor department, especially given over a third-pound of beef floating about.

As a cheeseburger, it kinda fails in the cheese department. The cheese looks to be a mild Monterey Jack or something but the skewed cheese-to-meat ratio makes it not matter because I didn't taste it at all.

The lettuce was a little dry and limp. It felt a bit like it came from a bag of salad lettuce that had been left open on the counter for an hour or so.

The bun was squished down and, like the lettuce, was also a bit dry. On the plus side, it was nicely toasted and added some crunch.

The sauce was very light and didn't stand out.

Overall, Costco's most recent iteration of a cheeseburger turned out really mediocre. It reminded me a lot of a school cafeteria burger only bigger.

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