Nov 13, 2017

Review: Popeyes - Smokehouse Boneless Wings

Popeyes Smokehouse Boneless Wings feature marinated and crispy-fried boneless chicken breast pieces with ""real pecan smoked flavor in every bite."

For $5, I got six of the new boneless wings, a regular side, biscuit, and Rajun Cajun BBQ Ranch dipping sauce.

For the most part, the boneless wings don't deviate much from the typical taste of Popeyes' spicy fried chicken and spicy chicken tenders. They have the same marinated seasonings and quite a spicy kick to them (it never got uncomfortable but there was a lasting burn). The chicken was a bit thicker than I normally get with their tenders and was nice and juicy. What was missing was the promised "pecan smoked flavor," which I didn't detect at all.

The shell was similarly a little thicker than you get on their chicken tenders and offered a slightly more substantial crunch as a result.

I did not like the Rajun Cajun BBQ Ranch which didn't taste like either barbecue (not sweet or smoky enough) or ranch (not herby enough) and had an odd fruity note to it. I ended up forgoing the sauce and eating them with some ranch dressing.

Overall, Popeyes Smokehouse Boneless Wings lacked any smokiness that I could discern but still made for some well-made, if run-of-the-mill, Popeyes fried chicken eats.

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