Nov 15, 2017

White Castle Brings Back Turkey Sliders and Sweet Potato Fries for 2017 Holiday Season

White Castle brings back Turkey Sliders and sweet potato fries for a limited-time this holiday season.

Turkey Sliders are available in two varieties this year: the 99-cent Bistro Turkey Slider and the new Cheddar and Apple Butter Turkey Slider.

The Bistro Turkey Slider features a white-meat Butterball turkey burger patty and tangy bistro sauce on a slider bun.

The new Cheddar and Apple Butter Turkey Slider comes topped with a slice of pasteurized process cheddar cheese and spread of apple butter.

Beyond selling them a la carte, the chain is offering the Bistro Turkey Slider in the $7.99 Seasonal Sampler ($8.99 in NY and NJ), which includes two Bistro Turkey Sliders, six Original Sliders, and a shareable sack of sweet potato fries or regular French fries.

As an extra this holiday season, White Castle is giving away a free Crave Caddy with every Crave Case purchase online or by mobile app, while supplies last. The caddy is an insulated bag that is meant to fit a Crave Case of 30 Sliders and keep them warm.

Photo via White Castle.

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