Jan 26, 2018

Dunkin' Donuts New "Store of the Future" Includes a Drive-thru Exclusively for Mobile Orders

Dunkin' Donuts recently opened their "store of the future" next generation concept location in Quincy, MA, where the chain first started. Among the new features of a store is a drive-thru exclusively for mobile ordering.

The way the new drive-thru works is there's a separate lane that lets DD Perks members who order ahead with the Dunkin mobile app skip the ordering lane and merge into the order pickup lane (McDonald's runs a similar set up at some locations but with two separate drive thru ordering lanes that merge into a single pickup lane). The second lane is meant to speed up the drive thru and encourage mobile ordering similar to the set up that some chains' have inside the restaurant.

Other notable elements of the new store design include:

- New coffee and tea taps (similar to beer taps but for various coffee and tea)

- Digital ordering kiosks

- An area inside dedicated to mobile order pickups.

- "Dunkin'" signage rather than "Dunkin' Donuts."

The 2,200 square foot Dunkin' Donuts restaurant can be found at 588 Washington Street. The location is the first of 30 or so new and remodeled stores that will test various version of the new design this year.

Photos via Dunkin' Donuts.

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