Jan 17, 2018

New Magnum Tubs Ice Cream Land in Stores

Magnum Ice Cream expands beyond ice cream bars with the arrival of new Magnum Tubs (i.e. ice cream cartons).

As the brand is known for its chocolate shell, the ice cream in each Tubs is also surrounded by a chocolate shell that you can crack by squeezing the sides of the Tub and breaking the thick top layer.

Magnum Tubs come in four flavors:

- Milk Chocolate Vanilla - Vanilla ice cream and chocolate shards with a Belgian chocolate shell.

- Dark Chocolate Raspberry - Raspberry ice cream and dark chocolate shards with a dark chocolate shell.

- Milk Chocolate Hazelnut - Hazelnut ice cream with caramelized hazelnuts and thick chocolate shards surrounded by a Belgian chocolate shell and topped with caramelized hazelnuts.

- White Chocolate Vanilla - Vanilla ice cream and white chocolate shards with a white chocolate shell.

You can find the new ice cream line at select retailers now with a bigger nationwide launch to start in February. The suggested price is $5.49 per Tub.

While the Tubs are new to us in the US, they were launched over in Europe and Australia last year.

Photo via Magnum.

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