Jan 17, 2018

Taco Bell Moves Upscale in China with Ribeye Tacos and Beef Kebab Nachos

With the opening of two new restaurants in Shanghai, Taco Bell takes a decidedly more upscale approach at the new locations, including new China-exclusive dishes like Ribeye Steak & Mushroom Tacos and Beef Kebab Nachos as well as table service.

The items are part of a new dinner menu, which includes the following:

- Ribeye Steak and Mushroom Crunchy Taco - A crunchy taco shell filled with grilled ribeye steak and mushrooms with black pepper sauce.

- Ribeye Steak Taco Salad Bowl - Grilled ribeye steak, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and sesame dressing in a taco salad bowl with a side of guacamole and salsa.

- Grilled Chicken Taco Salad Bowl - Same as the Ribeye Steak Taco Salad Bowl but with grilled chicken instead of steak.

- Beef Kebab Nachos - Beef kebabs and nacho chips.

- XL-Wing Nachos - XL chicken wings and nacho chips.

The new dishes are complemented by an alcoholic beverage menu that includes, including the all new "Shanghai Cosmopolitan."

Photos via Taco Bell.

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