Jul 28, 2022

Coca-Cola Releases New Mystery "What the Fanta" Flavors

Coca-Cola releases a limited-edition line-up of mystery Fanta flavors for their "What the Fanta" campaign.

The "What the Fanta" line launches with the mystery "Blue" Zero-Sugar WTFanta flavor in 20-oz bottles that can be found in stores now through February 2023.

Other "What the Fanta" flavors are slated to roll-out in different colors (blue, green, peach, and orange) and ways in both retail stores and restaurants, including in 20-oz bottles, Coca-Cola Freestyle beverage fountains, and frozen slush form (select Burger King locations have already been spotted selling "Green" Frozen What the Fanta) over the coming months.

Photo via Coca-Cola.

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