Jul 7, 2022

IHOP Puts Together New Minions Menu

IHOP puts together the new Minions menu as a limited-time tie-in to the new Minions: Rise of Gru movie that is currently in theaters.

Here's what you'll find on IHOP's new Minions menu:

- Ba-Ba Banana Pudding Pancakes Combo - Two Buttermilk pancakes filled with fresh banana slices, topped with creamy banana pudding, more banana slices, Nilla wafer cookie pieces, whipped topping, and Minion sprinkles. The pancakes are served with hash browns, bacon or sausage, and two eggs. You can also order the pancakes on their own.

- Cinna Minions Combo - Seven "despicably delicious" donut holes tossed in cinnamon-sugar and drizzled with cream cheese icing. The combo also includes hash browns, bacon or sausage, and two eggs. You can also order Cinna Minions on their own.

- Gru's Evil Steakburger - A Black Angus Steakburger with sauteed jalapenos, serranos, and onions, plus bacon, Pepper Jack cheese, Sharp Cheddar, mac & cheese, and mayo. Gru's Evil Steakburger comes with a choice of side.

- Mischievous Minions Jr. Combo - A Ba-Ba Banana Pudding pancake, a scrambled egg, a bacon strip, and a pork sausage link. 

- Minion Mango OJ Splasher - A "mischievous blend" of orange juice, mango syrup, and lemon lime soda, topped with fresh blueberries.

- Ba-Ba Banana Milkshake - A vanilla milkshake blended with fresh bananas and Nilla wafer cookie pieces, topped with whipped topping, more Nilla pieces, and Minions sprinkles.

- Cold Gru Iced Coffee - IHOP's regular menu cold brew coffee but with a Minion-themed name.

Photo via IHOP.

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