May 26, 2010

The Asia Trip: McDonald's Hong Kong - Chocolate Pie

McDonald's Chocolate Pie in a box
Mmm... Chocolate... they had Chocolate Pie at McDonald's in Hong Kong (it's not currently on the menu as far as the Hong Kong website is concerned).  And, at 1 HK as an add-on to a combo meal.  That is ridiculous cheap!  $0.13 cheap!  So yes, I got one with my combo meal.  Does this mean I'm a sucker for super-sizing?

The Chocolate Pie is roughly the same pie as the normal McDonald's pie but is in the shape of a typical turnover.  It is baked, not fried and features a layered, somewhat flaky chocolate crust filled with melted chocolate.
McDonald's Chocolate Pie
The thing I like about McDonald's Chocolate Pie is the novelty of it.  I've never had anything quite like it at a fast food restaurant before.  It's a bit like a flaky turnover but with a hint of chocolate to the crust that is heightened by the chocolate filling.
McDonald's Chocolate Pie cross section
They're normally around a dollar but, at $0.13, it's a no-brainer to try unless you're deathly allergic to chocolate.


  1. They ought to have this here in the states! Can't really tell from the picture but how gooey was the filling?

  2. It wasn't that gooey. I've seen pictures where it's almost liquid but not mine.


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