May 7, 2010

Guide to Starbucks New Customizable Frappuccino

Starbucks' Customizable Frappuccino Menu
This is a guide on the add-on prices and options for Starbucks recent customizable Frappuccino push AKA the "however-you-want-it" Frappuccino.  Prices may vary from location to location.  This guide is based on my observations at a southern California Starbucks.

The promotion launch is coupled with three new Frappuccinos.  Each one features an available customization option relating to milk, coffee, or calories.

The Extra Coffee Caramel flavor highlights the "extra coffee" option which costs 50 cents.  Adding an espresso shot is also available for 70 cents each.  Decaf is also available at no charge.

The Caramel or Mocha Light flavors showcase the "light" Frappuccino option which has 1/3 fewer calories for no charge and automatically come without whipped cream unless you specify otherwise.

Finally, the Soy Strawberries & Cream flavor spotlights the "soy" option where soy milk is substituted for milk (whole, nonfat, or 2%) at an added cost of 50 cents.  Starbucks had free samples of Soy Strawberries & Cream out and it's quite good!  I couldn't pick out any soy flavor.  It's similar to a strawberry shake but more liquid and a smidgen less creamy.

Prices start at $3.15 for a Tall up to $5.05 for a Venti on the menu.

Here's a fairly comprehensive list of Frappuccino customization options:

Style - Coffee, Coffee Light or Creme (no coffee).

Milk - Nonfat, 2%, Whole, or Soy.

Flavors (you can specify the number of pumps of syrup/sauce you want) - Caramel, Mocha, White Chocolate, Coconut (seasonal), Vanilla, Hazelnut, Raspberry, Chai, Peppermint, Cinnamon Dolce, Classic, Toffee Nut, Sugar-free Caramel, Skinny Mocha, Sugar-free Vanilla, Sugar-free Hazelnut, and Sugar-free Cinnamon Dolce.

Add-Ins - Frappuccino Roast (extra coffee), Espresso Shots, Protein Powder, Vanilla Bean Powder, Matcha Powder, Strawberry Fruit Juice, Banana, and Frappuccino Chips.

Toppings - Whipped Cream (you can ask just a little bit of whipped cream as well), Chocolate Whip Cream (limited-time), Caramel Drizzle, Mocha Drizzle, Cookie Crumbles, and Coconut Flakes.