May 9, 2010

What's on the Menu: KFC Australia

KFC Australia
This edition of What's on the Menu takes a look at fried chicken in the land down under: KFC Australia.  So without further ado, a look at some items of interest and cultural nuances at KFC Australia, a storied chain which arrived in 1968 and has grown to over 600 restaurants since.

First, a brief gloss-over of some interesting notables.  Where we have Original Recipe, Extra Crispy, and Grilled, KFC Australia has Original Recipe, Hot & Spicy, and Cayan Grill (a different formulation of Grilled chicken).  KFC serves fries in Australia, they are a typical accompaniment to fried chicken there (and in the UK).  They also have Fillets; I get the feeling that our new Boneless Filet has been available in other countries for a while.  Also, like here in the U.S., they have Hot Wings, but they call them "Wicked Wings."

As far as KFC's Australian menu goes, here's some of the more interesting items.
KFC Australia Cayan Grille
Cayan Grill.  Cayan might be derived from an earlier form of the word "cayanne."  Regardless, Cayan Grill chicken is marinated overnight in "southern" spices (does "southern" in Australia, mean the same as "southern" here in the States?) and then grilled on a hot plate.
KFC Australia Tower Burger
Tower Burger.  A limited-time item, the Tower Burger is a chicken breast filet sandwich with tangy tomato sauce (is that Australian for ketchup?), lettuce, mayo, cheese, and get this, a hash brown!  I think I need to go to Australia stat!
KFC Australia Zinger Works Burger

Zinger Works Burger.  Zingers are KFC Australia's spicy chicken burgers.  It's a bit like a Hawaiian Pizza; it has a bacon rasher (a rasher is a slice of bacon, here it seems to be a fairly big, round slice) and a slice of pineapple, and then your typical lettuce, mayo, and cheese.  Also available in Original Recipe.
KFC Australia Original Recipe Fillet BBQ Bacon & Cheese Burger

Original Recipe Fillet BBQ Bacon & Cheese Burger.  An Original Recipe breast fillet with the typical lettuce and mayo, as well as bacon, cheese, and a dark BBQ sauce.  It's a western chicken burger!
KFC Australia Popcorn Chicken
Popcorn Chicken.  Okay, we have Popcorn Chicken too.  But, is it me or does their Popcorn Chicken look bigger and rounder?  Granted, it's a promo shot but it looks bigger than our promo shot!  They look closer to nuggets but...
KFC Australia Kentucky Nuggets

Kentucky Nuggets.  Besides Popcorn Chicken, they have one-upped us by having nuggets!  Original Recipe breast meat nuggets!  How do we not have these?!  I say we storm Australia and return with our bounty of the Colonel's Kentucky Nuggets!
KFC Australia KFC Roller
KFC Roller.  LIke a snack wrap but with Popcorn Chicken but with nacho cheese and salsa instead of lettuce, sauce, and cheese (which they have in Twisters).  Also available in BBQ.

That's it for What's on the Menu: KFC Australia.  See you next time!


  1. i worked at KFC around 15 yrs ago when i was in high school (thus haven't eaten there more than a couple times since then)... but i remember they had nuggets at that time. they got rid of them? that tower burger looks great!

  2. Hm? Really? Maybe it was a regional thing. I've never seen nuggets at KFC before. They don't currently have them on the menu on their site but maybe someday!

  3. look how hard is it to just have a basic menu on your web site just explaining whats in 2 or 3 piece feed the price that sort of thing whats in your buckets how much things like that just a simple link that click its there come on pick ur act up 

  4. You're gonna leave Australia to get authentic KFC?!

    It must be rough down under. I appreciate your dedication though.

  5. I'm sorry to hear that you were so devastated by the lack of "actual, original KFC dinners" in Australia.

    I can only imagine what a crippling blow it must have been.

  6. KFC has made your fingers so fat you can only text in caps


  8. Who cares about the food!  The significant thing is the building!  This is one of the first of KFC's new restaurant designs! This is an incredible restaurant!

  9. What is shown here is not the full KFC menu in Australia. They have all the regular things that we have in the USA too, but this article is about the menu items that Australia has that are not on the KFC menus in America. I saw the same differences in all chain restaurants worldwide from McDonalds, Carl's Jr / Hardees, Jack in the Box, KFC, Wendy's, Taco Bell, Del Taco, and a bunch of other American restaurants. The menus are similar in some areas and different in others, depending on what country you go to. I know this because I've been to over 30 countries, since I was a cook in the US Army, and I've eaten at their restaurants that are based on American franchises. This was a great article, and I agree that these recipes should come to the US because Australian food is AWESOME and when you mix it with American classic junk food, you get something so extraordinary, you can barely describe it!


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