May 1, 2010

Local Review: Two Little Red Hens - Cheesecake

Two Little Red Hens Box
I had my brother buy and carry this roughly-ten-pound cheesecake from Two Little Red Hens on a cab and a plane from New York City to Los Angeles because it's supposed to be one of the best in the City.  He complained about having to carry the it on his lap for the six-hour flight.

I'd say there's enough to serve at least 10 to 12 people if they each ate about a pound of cheesecake.  Of course at $53, it had better feed at least that much!  Unfortunately, I only had about four people who were definitely not eating anywhere near a pound in one sitting.  I probably spent a good two weeks polishing this baby off.
Two Little Red Hens Cheesecake
It's a thing of beauty, that there...  Look at that browning!  I've never seen a cheesecake with such a bubbled light to dark brown surface.  Most of the ones I see are yellow with maybe a little browning at the edges but nothing like this.
Two Little Red Hens Cheesecake closeup
It actually forms a noticeable layer protecting the paradoxically dense but fluffy cake inside.
Two Little Red Hens Cheesecake inside
The bottom crust was thick, buttery, graham cracker crumbs with a substantial crunch to it.
Two Little Red Hens Cheesecake - a perfect slice
The taste was a superb blend of sweet and tart with a broad variety of textures from the graham cracker crust, the cake inside, and the brown skin formed by baking.

So was it the best cheesecake I've ever had?  It may very well be, but I probably ate enough of it for a lifetime and unless I moved to or was visiting New York, I wouldn't get it again.

Upper East Side
1652 2nd Avenue (86th Street)
New York, NY 10028
(212) 452 - 0476


  1. How can you carry food into an airport? I thought any outside food had to be thrown out before reaching airport security?

  2. I think that is only certain foods if you are passing through Customs to a foreign country. You can definitely bring food on your plane especially since a lot of domestic flights don't even serve free meals anymore.

  3. That cheesecake looks amazing

  4. Amazing cheesecake! I haven't seen one that was browned on the outside so much before though. It looks so good but the price tag is very shocking!

  5. @EatTravelEat: Me neither until this one. You have to try one that is browned!


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