May 13, 2010

Seattle's Best: Starbucks' Answer to McDonald's and Dunkin' Donuts?

Seattle's Best new look
It looks like Seattle's Best is poised to become the Toyota to Starbucks' Lexus. With competitors like McDonald's and Dunkin Donuts serving up espresso-based drinks, Starbucks recently announced the relaunch of Seattle's Best with a new simpler look, a publicity push, and new growth strategy.

With contracts in place with AMC Theaters (beginning in July), Burger King (beginning in September), and Subway (currently serving), Seattle's Best is now poised as Starbucks' mainstream/value brand with plans to increase distribution with more value-oriented locations such as conveniences stores, vending machines, and fast food eateries as well as bookstores, and common carriers (airlines, cruise lines, and the like).

The new look is meant to be simpler and incorporates universal coffee symbols with the cup and the drop. If you ask me, it looks a bit generic but that might be what they're going for. It reminds me a bit of the look of Target's generic store branding for some household items.

I'm a bit curious to see if Seattle's Best ends up cannibalizing some of Starbucks' market share.  Compare to the old look below.
What do you think of the new look/plan?


  1. In my opinion the old Seattle's Best looks better. The new one is so modern and looks so close to Target branding due to the mix of red and white and circles!

  2. I never drink Seattle's Best before but the new cup is pretty interesting by its simplicity, but I also think the old cup looks better

  3. I'm confused. Are Seattle's Best and Starbucks the same brand? I never knew that. I always thought they were separate competing companies.


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