May 19, 2010

The Asia Trip: McDonald's Hong Kong - McPepper Sandwich

McDonald's McPepper in wrapper
A limited-time item while I was in Hong Kong, McDonald's McPepper Sandwich takes a base of a plain McDonald's Hamburger patty, bun, and onions and tailors it to more Hong Kong tastes by adding a black pepper gravy of the kind used in some Chinese dishes.

The cost for the McPepper with a small fry and small drink was roughly about $3.  The taste is familiar McDonald's Hamburger but different.  If you've ever gotten "black pepper"-anything at a Chinese restaurant, that the different I'm talking about.  If you haven't, I'd say sweetened soy sauce, garlic, and lots of black pepper thickened with cornstarch.  I thought it was quite good and interesting to boot; it's too bad it was a limited-time item in a foreign country.
McDonald's McPepper from the side
The drawback is it is a tad of the messy side with all the sauce.  Like the wrapper describes, the McPepper is "seriously saucy."
McDonald's McPepper with a drink in a little plastic bag
You'll notice in the picture above that my soft drink came in a small plastic bag; apparently, if you order your food to go, your food goes in a paper bag and your soft drink goes in a soft-drink-sized plastic bag with handles (but they do encourage you to forgo getting a straw).  A bit of a waste if you ask me, considering that a lot of Hong Kong supermarkets and convenience stores charge you for plastic bags in an effort to be more environmentally-friendly, which is why a lot of people carry around backpacks.


  1. It says "hot stuff" on the wrapper, how hot was it?

  2. It was McDonald's hot, so not really very spicy at all. No lasting burn or anything, just a slight tinge of peppery heat.


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