Nov 9, 2011

News: Burger King - New BK Family Bundle

Moving towards a more family-friendly dining option, Burger King is out with the new BK Family Bundle.

The BK Family Bundle is a limited-time promotion offering one Whopper, one Whopper Jr., two small fries, two small drinks and a Kids Meal for $9.99.

As to who gets what, I guess that really depends on family dynamics and how many people are in the family. Personally, I might go for the Kids Meal.

The promotion runs through December 4, 2011 at participating locations.


  1. You'd have to call your local BK to check. This site isn't affiliated with Burger King or any other fast food chain.

  2. I received these coupons from Burger King and would like to know if they are good in Cadillac Michigan?

  3. Trolls, trolls everywhere --------->
    Guy has fat wife.

  4. Haha I was thinking almost the same thing about Little Caesar's. I know it's not the a perfect comparison, but for 10 bucks of cheap food, that would probably be something I'd get instead of this.

  5. That's true, although they have decent coupons once in a while. Buy one get one type of stuff.

    I have two problems with this deal. The Whopper and Whopper Jr. are overpriced to begin with. I can get a Jumbo Jack at Jack in the Box for not much more than half the price of a Whopper, and it's just as good if not better. The Whopper Jr. is overpriced too these days, approaching 2 bucks when it should be around 1, in my opinion.

    The other thing is they should just have two whoppers in the deal. It seems like the Jr. is intended for the woman in the family or something. That's not gonna fly for most, it's not like a whopper is that huge to begin with.

  6. Burger King promotions are notoriously terrible deals. I bet you'll save a dime or two with this "deal".

  7. I assume the BK marketing mob performed ample studies before engaging the latest ploy to separate consumers from their discretionary vittle-buying dollars.

    Does BK have an interior kiddy playground at some or more of their stores? If so, that can be a draw.

    However, 'round these parts, thanks, partially to the a too-high percentage of "trashy" consumers rather low upon the socio-economic ladder fast-food outlets tend to trend towards the dirty, not clean side of the "equation."

    Not that affects the locals much but perhaps, with some consumers. it may.

    There is also the"built-in" lack of cleanliness standards among employees and those who manage their efforts... I believe many of them do not even notice how filthy their outlet is and apparently the employees and various higher-ups just do not get around to clean up after the filthy ones coming to spend their dining dollars.

    Yes, there ARE exceptions and I AM writing in generalities but the exceptions ARE few.

    Thus, in general, for a Disgruntled Old Coot who refrains from behaving akin to a "crum bum" and refrains from treating others' property akin to a hog wallow I would likely, if I did have a female and vile spawn to feed would likely grab two Little Ceasar's quasi-pizzas for ten bucks and tax then head for the shanty and after beating (not too severely) the wife and kids would commence eating. The pizzas, not the kids.

    Have a nice day!!!

  8. Goldilocks and the Three Whoppers.


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