Nov 5, 2011

News: Popeyes' - Seasonal Crawfish Festival Returns!

Popeyes returns their annual Crawfish Festival for its third year with various crawfish menu items through November 27th, 2011.

The main offering is the Crawfish Tackle Box where $4.99 nets (Haha! Get it?!) you battered and fried crawfish accompanied by a creamy horseradish sauce, Cajun fries, and a biscuit.

Other items include:

The Crawfish Po'Boy with a warm baguette filled with crawfish, lettuce, pickles and creamy horseradish sauce;

The Crawfish Traveler which just comes with the crawfish and sauce;

And the Crawfish Etouffee featuring seasoned rice smothered with a sauce of crawfish, veggies, and spices. It's available as in a 16-ounce Big Easy Bowl or as a regular side.


  1. Peer too closely at your crawfish/crayfish/crawdad dinner and you are guilty of astacology.

    "...crayfish" is more common in the north, while "crawdad" is heard more in
    central and western regions, and "crawfish" further south, although
    there are considerable overlaps."

    "Australia is home to the world's two largest freshwater crayfish – the Tasmanian giant freshwater crayfish 11 pounds and the Murray crayfish 4.4 pounds."

    "Despite the large-scale production in Louisiana, most frozen crayfish
    available in supermarkets in other states are Chinese imports."

    "Crayfish are kept as pets in freshwater aquariums."

    Taking your crawdad for a walk around town may be a great conversation starter and the niftiest way to meet gals in your neck of the woods.

    Worth reading. Know what you eat. Especially if it can wave at you.

    And I wanna' know why Popeyes doesn't offer the large economy-size Australian crawdad.

    Complain to the firm. In person or in writing. An e-mail to "corporate" would be fine.

  2. I tried the tackle box for the first time yesterday and it was soooo damn good I'm so gonna get this again before it goes.

  3. usually their crawfish is good- when they don't cheat you out of the sauce. The last time i ordered it, i got food poisoning


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