Nov 1, 2011

Review: Sonic - Kickin' Coney

The Kickin' Coney was a limited-time menu offering at Sonic featuring their Chili Cheese Coney but with some added crunch and heat with crispy onions and chipotle BBQ sauce for $1.99.

It has since departed the menu but I'll jot down my thoughts in case it ever comes back:

The Kickin' Coney was actually pretty messy with the cheese, chili and BBQ sauce. It didn't look liked I'd be able to pick it up without it falling apart of me so I had to request a knife and fork to eat it with. Sadly, I only received a fork and decided to just make do.

While the name suggest spiciness, the sauce was actual more smoky; maybe you could pick out some heat if you tried real hard. I like Sonic's Chili Cheese Coney and this tasted like it but with some smoky BBQ sauce and some crispness from the battered and fried onion. I don't imagine you'd want this "to-go" though; the rings would get soggy and the bun might get soaked with the sauce and chili.

I wouldn't go so far as calling it "kickin'" but Sonic's Kickin' Coney hot dog was pretty good and affordable.

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Nutritional Info - Sonic Kickin' Coney (186g)
Calories - 480 (from Fat - 250)
Fat - 27g (Saturated Fat - 11g)
Sodium - 1450mg
Carbs - 41g (Sugar - 7g)
Protein - 19g


  1. I haven't had a chance to try that. I love fried calamari though, so why not?

  2. Akin to raw octopus tentacles?

  3. well said. sometimes the terrible gross looking stuff tastes delicious. this looks like one of those.

  4. that looks so awesome and so terrible and gross all at the same time.  wish there was a sonic closer to me

  5. You can choose wide variety of toppings and
    burgers, onion rings, and fried items are outstanding and cooked in peanut oil
    to make it delicious. 


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