Nov 20, 2011

News: McDonald's - Limited-edition Coke Glasses are Back.

Limited-edition Coke Glasses are back at McDonald's this holiday season.

The glasses come in four options: purple, green, blue, and clear and are available for free with the purchase of a "large" Extra Value Meal.

They're at McDonald's restaurants until about mid-December and are in limited supply (i.e. they could run out before then).


  1. SouthernbelleallySunday, January 22, 2012

    No where in mississippi is participating

  2. Was it McD way back who caused or was involved with the weirdness of the media coverage of some firm's coffee stirrers being used as a coke sniffing device?

    Must have been in the 1980s during that era's powdered pre-crack media-fueled and social adoption of powdered cocaine as the latest greatest drug of choice.

    Those who were casual users of "light" drugs such as a dooble and a 6-pack of beer shared among friends during a frisbee game shrugged at the "cocaine bunch" and all the media attention therein.

    Try this:

  3. Saw these yesterday i must get them again!


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