Nov 19, 2011

News: McDonald's - Holiday Pies are Back!

McDonald's Holiday Pies are back at participating locations for a limited time.

The pies sport a custard filling and a sugar-cookie like crust with multi-colored candy spheres baked in.

Holiday Pies are priced the same as McDonald's regular pies; two for $1 in my area.

You're going to want to call ahead to check for availability as these are in limited supply and only some franchisees chose to serve them.

If you're interested in the review I wrote regarding McDonald's Holiday Pie, you can check it out here.

is Caring


  1. I have been waiting such a long time for this.

  2. This pie was SO nasty. Overcooked, cloyingly sweet & thick egg nog-like insides. ick.

  3. Do they have them in whitehouse tn?

  4. These tasteless mush filled thingies surrounded by soft cardboard are so nasty they gave me a headache. Thank God it was only 2 for a dollar. They should be paying you to put up with such nasty tasting muck.

  5. wish you would sell all the time, they are the bomb, love micky dee's custard pies

  6. Er, you probably should tell McDonald's that. I don't have anything to do with them...

  7. Probably the best things I have ever tasted!! Way to go McDonalds!!!

  8. It's scary how addictive they are.


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