Nov 18, 2011

News: Pizza Hut - New Big Dinner Box

With Thanksgiving just around the corner (and the day before being one of the biggest days for pizza sales), Pizza Hut hits us with a new, limited-time deal, the Big Dinner Box.

Advertised as having a $26 value, this $19.99 box features two medium, rectangular, 1-topping pizzas, 8 wings of your choice and 5 breadsticks with marinara dipping sauce.

Personally, I'd rather just get two of their $10 for any pizza promo for the same price but that's just me.


  1. I love the Big Box.  When my mother and I order one it has something for both of us.  We each get our own pizza and bread, I get sauce for the bread and I get my Honey BBQ wings.  Plus we can save some of it for the next day.  Pizza Hut is one of the best pizza places around and their pizza is always good whether it's round or squared.

  2. Hmmm interesting but i might of gotten it if they had boneless wings.

  3. It's not even a review really.

    There's one sentence of opinion, and it's not even that strong of an opinion. Personally, you get annoyed rather easily.

  4. You just blew my mind dude. Damn!

  5. Personally your review annoys me.

  6. $19.99?

    The marketing department dropped the proverbial ball.

    Imagine how much more wealth and executive bonuses (boni?) could have been divvied up if the price had been set at $19.99.99 in the manner gasoline is sold.


  7. Decent enough value, I suppose, if you like all of the items included... but not something that I would go for.  (Like you, I would prefer to get two pizzas with unlimited toppings for the same price.)  When it comes to Pizza Hut, I prefer their pizzas with more than one topping, and I don't care much for either wings or breadsticks.  But that's just me... I'm sure there are many people out there who would go for something like the "Big Dinner Box".

  8. You all are retarded


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