Jun 9, 2016

IHOP Debuts New Paradise Pancake Menu for 2016 Summer

IHOP strikes a tropical theme with the launch of their new, seasonal Paradise Pancakes menu featuring ingredients like passion fruit, macadamia nut, and pineapple.

Here's the line up for the menu:

- Strawberry Passion Fruit - Cheesecake layered between two buttermilk pancakes, topped with strawberries, passion fruit drizzle, and whipped topping.

- Banana Macadamia Nut - Buttermilk pancakes filled with fresh sliced bananas, finished with a drizzle of butter rum sauce, toasted Macadamia nuts, and whipped topping.

- Pineapple Upside Down - Pineapple grilled inside buttermilk pancakes, garnished with butter rum sauce, a maraschino cherry, and whipped topping.

The new pancakes are available all day at participating IHOP restaurants through July 31, 2016.

Photo via IHOP.

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