Jun 13, 2016

Pinkberry Tries New Soft Serve Ice Cream with Honeycomb This Summer

Frozen yogurt chain Pinkberry rolls out new low-fat soft serve ice cream this summer and are calling it "Pinkbee's," because it can be drizzled with honey and topped with honeycomb.

Soft serve topped with honey and honeycomb has become trendy as of late (although I've tried it and don't see the draw in chewy beeswax with smooth ice cream) and Pinkberry looks to pick up on that trend. They're calling the honey and honeycomb topping "Pinkbee's Honeycomb Drizzle."

Pinkbee's and the associated toppings can be found at Pinkberry through September 2, 2016.

Image via Pinkberry.

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