Jun 28, 2016

McDonald's Serves Up New Chicken Caesar Salad, Sandwich, and McWrap in New York

McDonald's introduces new Chicken Caesar salads, sandwiches, and McWraps in the New York Tri-State region as a summer-time promotion.

The limited-time menu features Caesar dressing and shaved parmesan to go with crispy or grilled chicken and various vegetables.

Specifically, the salad features their standard salad blend (chopped romaine, baby spinach, baby kale, grape tomatoes, and carrots) plus croutons, the sandwich includes lettuce and tomato, while the McWrap adds cucumber, tomato, and salad greens.

It'll be interesting to see if these ever make it out of the New York market, especially considering that the McWrap is now off the national menu. While McDonald's doesn't currently offer a Caesar salad here in the States, they do offer it on the menu in a number of countries abroard.

Images via McDonald's.

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