Jun 18, 2016

McDonald's Pours New Dr. Pepper Floats in Seattle and New York

McDonald's now offers new Dr. Pepper Floats as a local offer at select locations in Seattle and New York.

The floats feature McDonald's soft serve over Dr. Pepper soda and cost $2 for a medium cup. The new menu item isn't actually a first here in the US; at least one McDonald's restaurant in Oregon was selling Dr. Pepper Floats last summer (as well as root beer, Coke, Orange Hi-C, and Sprite floats).

According to Business Insider, the chain has recently given franchisees more flexibility to offer new menu items, as evidenced by the recent launches of breakfast bowls and garlic fries.

While the floats are new to McDonald's here in the US, they've enjoyed some popularity abroad in places like India, the Philippines, and Hong Kong.

The new Dr. Pepper Float might not be available nationally, but you can always make your own by ordering soft serve in a cup and a cup of soda and combining the two.

Photo via McDonald's.

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