Jun 6, 2016

Review: Popeyes - Magnolia Blossom Chicken

Popeyes' Magnolia Blossom Chicken features a piece of chicken breast marinated in a blend of sweet orange flavors and cut into a rough flower shape before being battered and deep-fried.

A order cost me $3.99 and came with one "flower," one side, a biscuit, and new Spicy Orange sauce for dipping.

The flower-cut resulted in larger, meatier chunks of chicken compared to the thin tenders that make up a majority of Popeyes' limited-time items. The breading was the same flaky, crispy stuff as on their regular chicken tenders.

Taste-wise, there's a savory orang-y accent to the chicken and a good kick of spice; maybe like marinating chicken with chili peppers and orange peel. It was both interesting and enjoyable. I couldn't say the same for the sauce...

The Spicy Orange sauce was like spicy orange syrup. It's heavy on the sweet and light on the tang and reminds me a little of orange-flavored Hi-C. It might go well on some toast or some Greek yogurt if it wasn't for the medium heat, but it tasted weird with the chicken.

Overall, I really liked Popeyes' Magnolia Blossom Chicken. Where a lot of new or limited-time fast food ends up being an too familiar but slightly different combination of the same stuff or gimmicky mash-ups, it manages something novel that's also delicious.  You might wonder, "Isn't it similar to orange chicken?" but it's not. It's more savory with little of the sweet-and-sour component. It's a shame about the sauce though.

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