Jun 29, 2016

Wendy's Adds New Summer Berry Chicken Salad with Blackberries

Wendy's adds the new Summer Berry Chicken Salad to the menu. It features a new face in the form of fresh blackberries.

The seasonal salad includes fresh strawberries and blackberries, feta cheese, grilled chicken breast, and red apple chips on a bed of mixed leafy greens. A light blackberry vinaigrette comes on the side.

The new Summer Berry Chicken Salad carries a suggested price of $6.79 for a full-sized salad and $4.79 for a half-sized salad (prices may vary). It can be found at participating Wendy's restaurants for a limited time this summer.

Wendy's tends to offer limited-time salads with fruit every summer. In the past, it was usually a salad with strawberries and/or blueberries. With this summer addition of blackberries, I wonder if raspberries might be next year's flavor (then again, they've been spotted testing mango).

Nutritional Info - Wendy's Summer Berry Chicken Salad - full-size with dressing
Calories - 390 (from Fat - 80)
Fat - 9g (Saturated Fat - 3.5g)
Sodium - 980mg
Carbs - 41g (Sugar - 30g)
Protein - 35g

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