Jun 22, 2016

McDonald's Might Be Forced to Do Away with M&Ms McFlurry

The M&Ms McFlurry might not be on the McDonald's menu much longer and the fast food chain might not have too much say in the matter...

According to a report by Reuters, Mars Inc., the makers of M&M's, is contemplating the removal of M&M's from other dessert products, including the McFlurry. The company has had discussions with McDonald's as well as other Mars partners regarding its candies' inclusion in other "super sugary products."

Removal is just one of the ideas being discussed as the company looks to reinforce its stance that sweets (including its many candies) should be enjoyed in moderation.

For those worried, even if the idea ends up being implemented, McDonald's could just switch to a generic candy-covered chocolate and still serve a similar McFlurry.

Photo via McDonald's.

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