May 21, 2017

Carl's Jr. Offers Poutine-Topped Burger in Canada

While Carl's Jr. is currently offering a rib-topped burger here in the U.S., up north in Canada, they're looking to appeal to Canadians with a poutine-topped burger.

The Poutine Thickburger features a charbroiled Black Angus beef patty, seasoned criss-cut fries, cheese curds, poutine gravy, peppercorn bacon, and potato chips. Like a lot of fast food chains in Canada, Carl's Jr. also serves poutine fries there (with a choice of regular fries or criss-cut fries).

Given the lack of traction for poutine in the States, it's unlikely we'll ever see a poutine-topped burger from Carl's Jr. here at home.

Photo via Carl's Jr.

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