Jul 12, 2017

Ben & Jerry's Can Now Ship Ice Cream Directly to Your Doorstep

Ben & Jerry's dips into e-commerce with the launch of the brand's official online store, which will ship frozen pints of Ben & Jerry's directly to you home.

For those of you who just can't find a certain Ben & Jerry's flavor, the store stocks the full line-up of Ben & Jerry's traditional, frozen yogurt, and non-dairy pints, as well as Pint Slices.

Additionally, the store also carries a selection of Ben & Jerry's apparel and other merchandise (like a ice cream scoop and pint lock).

The pints will cost you a bit more than the supermarket though. They're priced at $5.99 per pint. Flat rate shipping for edibles start at $19.00 for standard and goes up to $49.99 for overnight. The shipping rate is the same regardless of how many pints and/or boxes you buy.

You can find the online store at:

Photo via Ben & Jerry's.

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