Jul 8, 2017

McAlister's Deli Adds New Lemonade Tea and BLTA Sandwich

McAlister's Deli adds new Lemonade Tea and the BLT & A sandwich this summer.

The new drink should be a welcome addition for Arnold Palmer fans as it features a blend of lemonade with McAlister's Famous Tea.

The BLT & A features applewood-smoked bacon, assorted fresh greens, thick-sliced tomato, and avocado seasoned with salt and pepper and served with herb mayo on toasted country white bread. Like the rest of the chain's sandwich selection, you can either order it as a full sandwich or as a half sandwich when part one of the chain's "Choose 2" combos.

Lemonade Tea is a permanent menu item which makes sense since both lemonade and sweet (or unsweetened) tea are regularly on the menu, while the BLT & A is here for a limited time only.

Photos via McAlister's.

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