Sep 26, 2017

Bruegger's 2017 Fall Menu Includes New Chipotle Brisket Melt

Besides the normal run of pumpkin menu items, Bruegger's Bagels is serving up the new Chipotle Brisket Melt as part of the 2017 fall menu at participating locations.

Here's this year's lineup:

- New Chipotle Brisket Melt - Sliced brisket, pepper jack cheese, red and green peppers, red onions, and chipotle mayo on a toasted plain bagel.

- Smoky Brisket & Pastrami Egg Sandwich - Seasoned fresh-cracked egg, sliced brisket, sliced pastrami, cheddar cheese, and chipotle aioli on a toasted Everything Bagel.

- Pumpkin Bagel

- Pumpkin Cream Cheese

- Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Photo via Bruegger's Bagels.

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