Sep 6, 2017

KFC Serves Up Crispy Fried Angus Beef Patty in New Zealand

Calling it the new "Kentucky Angus" burger, KFC New Zealand serves up a crispy-fried Angus beef patty atop an Original Recipe Chicken filet between two burger buns.

The Angus beef patty features grass-fed Angus beef seasoned with salt and pepper, coated in Original Recipe herbs, spices, and flour, and then deep-fried. It's basically like country-fried steak but with Angus ground beef instead of cube steak.

To accompany the two patties and bun, there's bacon, cheese, lettuce, barbecue, and mayo.

As a bonus, if you happen to be in New Zealand and share a birthday with KFC founder Colonel Harland Sanders, you can popover to KFC on September 9, 2017 and enjoy a complimentary "meat cake" (i.e a Kentucky Angus burger).

Photo via KFC New Zealand.

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