Sep 19, 2017

Review: Buffalo Wild Wings - Thirty-Fifth Weck Sandwich

Buffalo Wild Wings' Thirty-Fifth Weck Sandwich features sliced sirloin, creamy au jus, and dill pickles on a kosher-salt and caraway-seeded bun with additional au jus for dipping.

It goes for $11.29 in my area (plus 2.50 extra for cheese curds over fries) but I received this courtesy of Buffalo Wild Wings.

There was plenty of tender and juicy steak in (and out) of the sandwich. It came more chopped than sliced and spilled forth from the sides. It reminded me of a cheesesteak (minus the cheese) given the cut of the beef and the minimum seasoning. The similarity also had me wishing for some melty cheese.

The bun was a little small... Maybe slightly shorter in width but much taller than a McDonald's hamburger bun. It's definitely smaller than the typical burger you find at a casual dining restaurant but was just the right size for dipping in the provided cup of au jus. There was a nice, squishy soft but resilient texture to the bun paired with a rye-ish taste due to the caraway seeds.

The pickles brought a welcomed crunch but also a slight tang that didn't quite complement the steak.

I thought aus jus might provide that needed "oomph," but both the creamy sauce in the sandwich and the dip served alongside curiously lacked in flavor and seasoning.

When it came down to it, Buffalo Wild Wings' Thirty-Fifth Weck Sandwich felt like an incomplete sandwich. Beside the aforementioned cheese, I, alternately, found myself wanting some onions and/or horseradish.  On the plus side, all the steak that fell out was enough to make a second small sandwich and the cheese curds were really good.

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