Sep 29, 2017

Mars Bar Returns under Premium "Ethel M" Brand

Ethel M Chocolates, a gourmet chocolate maker that is also a subsidiary of Mars, Inc. resurrects the original Mars Bar using the original recipe from 1932.

Different from the current Mars Bar, which is no longer sold in the States except for imported foreign versions (which are basically Milky Way bars), the original Mars Bar features creamy nougat and whole toasted almonds covered in milk chocolate.

The US Mars Bar, which consisted of a combination of caramel, nougat, almonds, and milk chocolate, was discontinued in 2002 and then was briefly brought back in 2010 only to find itself on the outs again in 2011.

The 1.77-oz bars are selling for $2.99 each and can be found at Ethel M Chocolate retail stores in Nevada and at select Cracker Barrel stores across the US. Additionally, you can find them online at and

Photo via Ethel M Chocolates.

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