Oct 7, 2021

New Hocus Pocus-Themed Shakes Appear at Carvel for Halloween

Carvel partners with Freeform to launch three new, limited-time shakes inspired by Disney's Hocus Pocus movie (Freeform is owned by Disney).

Carvel's Hocus Pocus shakes come in three varieties (one for each of the witch sisters in the movie):

- Sarah's Chilling Churro Shake - Churro Crunchies blended with cinnamon-sugar churro ice cream, topped with whipped cream and yellow sprinkles.

- Winnie's Glorious Cake Batter Shake - A cake batter ice cream shake topped with whipped cream and orange sprinkles.

- Mary's Divine Cookies & Cream Shake - Cookies and cream pieces blended with vanilla soft serve and topped with violet sprinkles.

Freeform is currently airing their "31 Nights of Halloween" movie line-up, which includes Hocus Pocus. Each of the Hocus Pocus-themed shakes comes served in a limited-edition "31 Nights of Halloween" x "Hocus Pocus" cup and spoon. The shakes are available through October 31, 2021, while supplies last, with prices starting at $4.79.

Photo via Carvel.

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