Oct 28, 2021

Review: Chipotle - Smoked Brisket

Chipotle's Smoked Brisket features smoked brisket charred on a grill, and seasoned with "Mexican" spices, including fire-roasted jalapenos and chipotle chili peppers. It's then chopped and finished with a new Brisket sauce that's made with smoky chili peppers.

I paid $10.50 for a Smoked Brisket Bowl (versus $8.15 for chicken).

For the most part, the brisket was fork tender although there were a piece or two that was slightly tough (maybe from the grill?). There was a definite smoky quality to the meat itself joined by a bit of sweet and tangy barbecue-sauce-type notes and a moderately spicy heat from the brisket sauce.

The overall feel was a balanced cross between traditional American barbecue and Chipotle's Mexican-type flavors. Like American barbecue, I found I enjoyed it best eaten by itself rather than mixed in with the various ingredients of my burrito bowl (rice, beans, fajita veggies, red sauce, pico de gallo, and corn salsa) and the smokiness of the brisket got a bit lost in the shuffle.

When it comes down to it, Chipotle's Smoked Brisket was pretty well done. The meat was tender, moist, and smoky and the sauce offered a nice balance of sweet, smoky, and tangy elements. While it's around, it injects a nice barbecue element to the typical Chipotle flavors.

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