Oct 6, 2021

New Eggo Pop-Tarts Arriving December 2021

Made by a partnership between Kellogg's Eggo and Pop-Tart brands, new Eggo Frosted Maple Syrup Pop-Tarts are scheduled to arrive on store shelves nationwide starting December 2021.

The new toaster pastry features a flaky, buttery, yellow crust that's meant to be evocative of an Eggo Waffle. The crust is then topped with a layer of white icing decorated with a waffle-like grid pattern of yellow-string icing. Inside, there's a sweet maple-flavored filling.

Come December, you'll be able to find Eggo Pop-Tarts in an 8-count box for a suggested price of $2.99. A two-count pack will also be available at convenience stores across the country.

Photo via Pop-Tarts.

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